Women in Chemistry - Career network for female chemists at the University of Vienna

Who we are

We are a network by and for young female researchers at the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Vienna. Colleagues support each other in third-party fund-raising from women’s empowerment programs. More experienced researchers advise and guide younger scientists in carrier planning by peer-to-peer mentoring. We share our knowledge in regular meet-ups and via a mailing list. Information and links on upcoming talks and/or events are available on this website.

What we offer

  • A network for junior female researchers at the Faculty of Chemistry
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring
  • Talks of national and international renown scientists
  • Trainings for members and those who interested
  • Exchange of knowledge with other local and international groups supporting female researchers
  • Contact for external inquieries (collaborations, networking, media)

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New Members - June 2018

6 new members joined WoChem in June 2018


Guest speaker Linda Shimizu explains important steps in her career


An article about Wochem is featured on the website of the faculty of chemistry


First meet-up with special guest Prof. Linda Shimizu


Our new website wochem.univie.ac.at went online today.

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